Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Wow I'm soar. Julia killed us yesterday and today, well today was even harder. I was much more comfortable with myself though and so was the rest of my family. We skied really well today; the hardest I would say was going down 'Happy Thought'. It's a double black diamond, narrow, through trees, plus moguls. It was intense and frightening, but after you finish it you feel so accomplished. It was awesome.

It was a gorgeous day once again! Clear blue skies and much warmer than yesterday. 

Oh and I fell like three times today and lost my skis every time! The worst one was when I was trying to make a hockey stop and spray my dad with sister tried to do the same thing and instead ran into me, pushing me back into a middle split and then woosh both of my skis popped off. What a great fall that was. I was so mad at my sister, but I'll get her back tomorrow. 
 Family pic outside of the Peaks Hotel where we had lunch

Dinner was at 9545(elevation), and it was Mexican themed. 
I had a Lamb Meatball Soup...not that Mexican, but it was spicy and fulfilling. 

It doesn't feel like Christmas Eve at all, but tomorrow we are opening our Secret Santa gifts
which will be quite exciting. Hopefully I get something nice! Well I'm off to watching
'Christmas Vacation' with the family. Have A Very Merry Christmas!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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