Thursday, December 29, 2011


So I've been home for a day and have not touched my suitcase yet. I know, but family came in the same day we got back so I've had absolutely no time to unpack. Our two cousins are from Laguna Beach, Cali and they love to cook! (great for me)

This morning we made a Spanish Tortilla consisting of potatoes, onions, prosciutto (shipped from Italy), and parsley. It probably took us about 4 hrs to get everything ready because we had to go to the grocery store then...well I'm not quite sure why it took that long. Rigo (cousin) is very particular and must have everything perfect, so maybe that why.  I will say that I was starving by the time it was done.

 It came out so nice and full! It was absolutely flavorful!

First one: I decorated the plate nicely

I made it as a sandwich too!

All I've been doing today is cooking and eating, cooking and eating...I love it though! We just finished making dinner too. 

We made a nice appetizer of tomato, basil and mozzarella with olive oil and vinegar 
drizzled on top with Manchego Cheese on the side.
We also made Shrimp Pasta (linguini, tomatoes, shrimp, olive oil)

Now I'm off to go watch a movie to finish off our wonderful day. 
Hopefully tomorrows food will be just as good! 
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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