Friday, January 27, 2012


 Last night my friends and I cooked dinner. We had pasta with marinara sauce, a spinach and arugula salad, chicken, and garlic bread accompanied with white wine. We always end up eating pasta for dinner because its the easiest and cheapest thing to make.
This morning we made some Nutella french toast with bananas and strawberries on the side! Nutella is extremely popular here and I love it!
It doesn't look as good here, but it was homemade 
and delicious!!!

Today my friends and I visited "Las Arenas", which used to be a bullring, but was recently converted to a shopping mall due to the lack of response to bull-fighting matches. It is located in Plaza Espanya and is surrounded by beautiful structures.
 Las Arenas

We took an elevator to the top of the mall, which overlooked the city of Barcelona. It was absolutely gorgeous; it's too bad that it was cloudy all day.
The elevator that took us to the top
Going up!
Plaza Espanya
Made it to the top
The Three Musketeers

Once we finished taking thousands of pictures, we went to take a look inside. Everywhere I go in Barcelona, the architecture is crazy. They are extremely creative here. The inside was clean and the stores were lined up on the sides. They even had a movie theater inside!

We took a look at a couple of stores, but did not buy anything. We had a great time visiting Las Arenas and we are for sure to return sometime soon. We are about to head back to our apartment to cook ourselves a nice healthy dinner (maybe pasta) and relax. I think we all need some rest.

Happy Friday to everyone!
The weekend is finally here and its time to celebrate!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to Classes

So actual classes started which is okay, but now we have to actually put our brains to work. I'm taking a Modern Catalan Literature's a lot of reading!!! We started off analyzing a poem and let me tell you, Spanish poems are hard to dissect. The classes are two hours each so you definitely get sleepy listening to the professor speak the entire time. I had the History of Barcelona today, it looks like it will be an interesting class, but difficult as well. We expected everything to be easier here in Spain, but we are taking classes in one of the highest ranked schools in Spain; the classes are academically challenging.

Here are a few pictures of the building where my classes are taken:
Glass windows...very modern

There are many cafeterias, but here is one on the bottom
and there is a huge area in the middle just to hangout really

The school used to be military barracks, but they 
renovated it in 1997. All the classrooms have brick walls;
they just reconstructed the inside.  

Yesterday my friends and I went to our friends (Victor) soccer game. He invited us to come and watch, and we had a great time although we were freezing the entire time!!!
Kaley and Katie!

Tiff and Katie!!
We did enjoy the was just a bit too cold for us!

The other day we had dinner at a nice restaurant...I don't quite remember the name, but we became good friends with the manager, so we will most likely go again...I'll definitely have the name by then!
I had a nice Salmon salad, probably my first salad since I've been here; Spanish people don't eat a lot of greens.
Healthy and Satisfying

Hopefully tomorrow will go well with classes!
That's all for now!!! Thanks for reading!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Hello everyone!

It's a beautiful day here in Barcelona, sunny skies, warm, just perfect! I've been going to class everyday, and tomorrow we start our main classes. I will be taking the History of Barcelona and Modern Literature. Hopefully they will not be too bad! Other than classes, I've been walking a whole a very healthy lifestyle.

My friends and I continue to enjoy the nightlife here. We have such a great time meeting people and dancing our hearts out!
My wonderful friend Andrea!

There is also this crazy bar called Chupitos....that's what they call shots here. It attracts the tourists, but they basically have over 300 different shots, and each one is a show. They light it on fire, roast marshmallows, add candy to them, anything and everything. To be honest, its a glass of sugar. I'd say its fun to watch, but other than that, if you can't handle a lot of sugar, I'd skip out. It's good to go for the experience....but for me personally once is enough.
You have the orange first...

Lighting it on fire!

Other than that, there was a huge Barca game this past Wednesday....and yes we won! What a game! I ended up going to a bar/club that they turned into like a movie theater. It was a nice setup, lots of people and a huge screen right in front. The way the Spaniards react is insane! The atmosphere was great, so much energy everywhere.
 Sorry the quality is bad, it was with my iphone!

Yesterday, we had a nice lunch at Cerveceria Catalana...amazing! I recommend everyone to go here. The restaurant looks expensive, but actually its quite cheap. There were six of us and we ended up ordering a couple of different tapas and it definitely satisfied us. I cannot wait to go was that good!
Egg mixed with potatoes...more like french fries
If anyone is familiar with arroz con huevos...
this is basically the same thing but instead of rice
with fried potatoes

Fired artichokes in the back and patatas
bravas up in front

Crema Catalana (Creme Brulee)

Almond pastry with dessert wine

I have to get a start on my homework. 
Have a good rest of your Sunday!
Thanks for reading!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Barcelona Cathedral

Hello everyone! Yesterday, Katie, Kaley and I took a short tour of the Barcelona Cathedral. The construction of this Gothic Cathedral began in1298. When you walk in, everything is so pristine. Everything is quiet, all you hear are footsteps. The arcitecture like the rest of the architecture in Barcelona is absolutely amazing. There are many painting and sculptures created by local Gothic masters. Here are a few pictures I took along the way...
The main area of the Cathedral
The magnificent alter
The courtyard
With the famous 13 geese

The geese are quite vicious! If you come up to close
they will try to bit you. One almost took my camera!
Well I am off to class. 
Besitos, Lilly Goti

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rainy Day

Today was the first day it rained since I've been here. It was miserable this morning! Cloudy and super cold; it was just drizzling, but it was still miserable. Luckily by the time I got out of class, the sun had came out. Today was also the coldest day. The temperature in Barcelona is weird because its extremely cold during the day, but it warms up around 7pm...not sure why.

This morning I woke up early to go to the bank and get a few things done. I had class, nothing to exciting; we're starting to hit the grammar hard. After class, my friends and I walked to our programs headquarters to ask a few quick questions, then we walked around the area known as Passeig de Gracia. It is pretty much the main shopping strip with many restaurants and cafes along the sides of the streets. This area is one of my favorites, not just cause of the shopping, but the buildings are gorgeous; all vintage looking and lots of different people.

For lunch I had patatas bravas (potatoes = Spains French Fries) and a piece of a potato tortilla...can't go wrong with that!

The lovely assortment of tapas

My tortilla

Patatas Bravas


Not much going on today, but I hope 
everyone had a lovely weekend.
Besitos, Lilly Goti

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Walking Tour of the City

Last night I went to Shoko (club) with some friends and had a wonderful time. We danced forever and enjoyed ourselves.
Kaley and I

This morning my friends and I went on a run/walk towards the beach. It was much colder today, compared to the past few days. We walked by the Marina and stayed by the beach the entire day. It was a nice relaxing day for us. We had lunch by the harbor and later walked around some more.
In our workout outfits

Thought it looked good


Not much for today, but its been nice just to take a 
simple walk around town. Now I'm off to
work on some homework.
Have a good day!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great week; the weekend is finally here!!! Today in class we worked on communication by playing a speed dating game. Our teacher gave us a picture and we had to be that person, but we could not show anyone what we looked like. We went through about six rounds and at the end we had to pick who we would go on a date with. It was an interesting way to work on conversations; it's a smart idea.
 An interesting building we passed by after class
Another beautiful day here in Barcelona!

After class, my friends and I walked to La Boqueria. It is one of the most famous farmers/fresh market in Europe. The place was filled with everything possible and I definitely enjoyed looking at all of the interesting creatures they had for sale. I took a whole lot of pictures and some are a bit on the ugly side, so if you do not like seeing dead animals, I would recommend that you skip to the bottom!
Tiff and I at La Boqueria 

Lots of people

More Fruit!

 Vegetables; everything looked fresh

Dried Fruit Section


Jamon Section

Pig...sad but what can we do

Ahhhhhh I do not know what this is but I wouldn't eat it!
I will ask next time I go!
They had fish, octopus, shrimp...etc.

Chicken...I'm not quite sure why they have to keep the
head on and leave some of the hair on them

The egg area! All kinds of eggs!
Spices and different seasonings
This is a lot of pictures, but everything had to be taken.
I ended up buying some fruit for myself, some Manchego Cheese,
and nice, juicy grapes. After visiting the market, we met up with 
a few other friends and walked around the city.
I walked so much today, a little to much! My feet are so very tired, 
but I have no time to rest! The night has not even begun!!! 
My friends and I are going out tonight, havn't decided where, but 
hopefully somewhere fun!
Have a wonderful rest of your day!
Besitos, Lilly Goti