Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to Classes

So actual classes started which is okay, but now we have to actually put our brains to work. I'm taking a Modern Catalan Literature class...it's a lot of reading!!! We started off analyzing a poem and let me tell you, Spanish poems are hard to dissect. The classes are two hours each so you definitely get sleepy listening to the professor speak the entire time. I had the History of Barcelona today, it looks like it will be an interesting class, but difficult as well. We expected everything to be easier here in Spain, but we are taking classes in one of the highest ranked schools in Spain; the classes are academically challenging.

Here are a few pictures of the building where my classes are taken:
Glass windows...very modern

There are many cafeterias, but here is one on the bottom
and there is a huge area in the middle just to hangout really

The school used to be military barracks, but they 
renovated it in 1997. All the classrooms have brick walls;
they just reconstructed the inside.  

Yesterday my friends and I went to our friends (Victor) soccer game. He invited us to come and watch, and we had a great time although we were freezing the entire time!!!
Kaley and Katie!

Tiff and Katie!!
We did enjoy the game...it was just a bit too cold for us!

The other day we had dinner at a nice restaurant...I don't quite remember the name, but we became good friends with the manager, so we will most likely go again...I'll definitely have the name by then!
I had a nice Salmon salad, probably my first salad since I've been here; Spanish people don't eat a lot of greens.
Healthy and Satisfying

Hopefully tomorrow will go well with classes!
That's all for now!!! Thanks for reading!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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