Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Hello everyone!

It's a beautiful day here in Barcelona, sunny skies, warm, just perfect! I've been going to class everyday, and tomorrow we start our main classes. I will be taking the History of Barcelona and Modern Literature. Hopefully they will not be too bad! Other than classes, I've been walking a whole a very healthy lifestyle.

My friends and I continue to enjoy the nightlife here. We have such a great time meeting people and dancing our hearts out!
My wonderful friend Andrea!

There is also this crazy bar called Chupitos....that's what they call shots here. It attracts the tourists, but they basically have over 300 different shots, and each one is a show. They light it on fire, roast marshmallows, add candy to them, anything and everything. To be honest, its a glass of sugar. I'd say its fun to watch, but other than that, if you can't handle a lot of sugar, I'd skip out. It's good to go for the experience....but for me personally once is enough.
You have the orange first...

Lighting it on fire!

Other than that, there was a huge Barca game this past Wednesday....and yes we won! What a game! I ended up going to a bar/club that they turned into like a movie theater. It was a nice setup, lots of people and a huge screen right in front. The way the Spaniards react is insane! The atmosphere was great, so much energy everywhere.
 Sorry the quality is bad, it was with my iphone!

Yesterday, we had a nice lunch at Cerveceria Catalana...amazing! I recommend everyone to go here. The restaurant looks expensive, but actually its quite cheap. There were six of us and we ended up ordering a couple of different tapas and it definitely satisfied us. I cannot wait to go was that good!
Egg mixed with potatoes...more like french fries
If anyone is familiar with arroz con huevos...
this is basically the same thing but instead of rice
with fried potatoes

Fired artichokes in the back and patatas
bravas up in front

Crema Catalana (Creme Brulee)

Almond pastry with dessert wine

I have to get a start on my homework. 
Have a good rest of your Sunday!
Thanks for reading!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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