Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bienvenido a Barcelona!

I have finally made it to Barcelona; although it took quite some time to get here. My mom gave me a five hour layover at JFK cause she was worried about delays and cancellations... but instead, everything ended up being on time and those five hours were the longest hours of my entire life.

At the airport, before leaving home

On the plane to Barcelona, there were about 40 students from the University of San Diego, all traveling to study in Barcelona for 3 weeks. I had a good chat with the girl sitting next to me; about school, sorority, and Spain. They were all going through the exact same program I was which was a coincidence.

Once I got to Barcelona Airport, I met up with my driver, who took me to my apartment in a sleek BMW. I was like own chauffeur...BMW...awesome. It was only 7:00am when I arrived so the city was just starting to rise.

In the was so pretty!

Once I got to my "Residencia", I had a mini orientation and then headed to my room. Below is the main building, however behind it there are 3 smaller buildings with many rooms.
My room is not bad. I am in a single, with my own private bathroom. I share a cooking lounge (equipped kitchen) wit 9 other so called 'roommates'. None of them have arrived yet, so it's been quite lonely so far. 
Hallway going into the room

My main living area = bed

Other side..

It's small, but it really isn't bad at all. It's nice and clean too which is a definite plus! And we get one day a week cleaning service. 

I unpacked pretty quickly and decided to walk to "Glories", a large department store...more like an outside mall. It was huge; had absolutely everything. I literally kept getting lost though. To be honest, I'm not even sure how I made it there in the first place. Luckily, Glories is only a 15min walk from my apt., making it extremely convenient. I went twice today, since I wasn't able to carry everything that I needed. 

It's been a long day and I have not slept since forever. Hopefully I will be able to sleep through the entire night. Tomorrow I have orientation at the CEA Global Campus (my program). Afterwards, they take us on a Barcelona Tour. 
The adventure has just begun! See you tomorrow!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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