Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great week; the weekend is finally here!!! Today in class we worked on communication by playing a speed dating game. Our teacher gave us a picture and we had to be that person, but we could not show anyone what we looked like. We went through about six rounds and at the end we had to pick who we would go on a date with. It was an interesting way to work on conversations; it's a smart idea.
 An interesting building we passed by after class
Another beautiful day here in Barcelona!

After class, my friends and I walked to La Boqueria. It is one of the most famous farmers/fresh market in Europe. The place was filled with everything possible and I definitely enjoyed looking at all of the interesting creatures they had for sale. I took a whole lot of pictures and some are a bit on the ugly side, so if you do not like seeing dead animals, I would recommend that you skip to the bottom!
Tiff and I at La Boqueria 

Lots of people

More Fruit!

 Vegetables; everything looked fresh

Dried Fruit Section


Jamon Section

Pig...sad but what can we do

Ahhhhhh I do not know what this is but I wouldn't eat it!
I will ask next time I go!
They had fish, octopus, shrimp...etc.

Chicken...I'm not quite sure why they have to keep the
head on and leave some of the hair on them

The egg area! All kinds of eggs!
Spices and different seasonings
This is a lot of pictures, but everything had to be taken.
I ended up buying some fruit for myself, some Manchego Cheese,
and nice, juicy grapes. After visiting the market, we met up with 
a few other friends and walked around the city.
I walked so much today, a little to much! My feet are so very tired, 
but I have no time to rest! The night has not even begun!!! 
My friends and I are going out tonight, havn't decided where, but 
hopefully somewhere fun!
Have a wonderful rest of your day!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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