Thursday, January 12, 2012

Second Day of Class

Hola!! I had another great day at class. I love waking up every morning to a beautiful, sunny day and having to walk to the metro to get to class. City life is completely different from what I am used to especially since I go to the University of South Carolina in Columbia. I still have not taken pictures of my University here, but I will so you can see how amazing it is. The classrooms are all large and very modern.

Since class is 2.5 hrs, my teacher Anna gives us a "cafe break" for about 15min. I usually go down to the cafeteria and buy myself and nice sandwich that consists of Jamon Iberico with a tomato paste on a baguette. I wish they had good food like this in the US!

I did get some homework today. I have to write an essay about characteristics we had discussed in class. I just finished it, it's hard getting back into school routine. After class, my friends and I walked back to our apartments through "Parc de La Ciutadella". It was absolutely lovely! I think I might start walking back from class through here. I took some pictures along the way...enjoy!
First we stopped by the beach

Tiff and I

The start of the Park

This building kind of reminded me of Harry Potter

The famous Arc de Triomf

I was super excited

My two lovely friends

Before I forget, last night was the Grand Opening for  high class club called "Bling Bling"...yes an interesting name, anyways it was definitely high end. The place was huge! My friends and I were there for a couple of hours and had a great time. I had a Caipirinha too!!! (Brazilian Cocktail)
Outside Bling Bling...they have these weird figure people
everywhere in and around the club
We had a fun night!

That's all for now!! 
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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