Monday, March 19, 2012

A Relaxing Weekend

This past weekend, a couple of classmates and I visited Malaga, which is on the southern tip of Spain. It is also known as "Costa del Sol" (Sun Coast), for its beautiful beaches. My program originally had a trip set for Malaga for next weekend, however I had already planned on going to Rome so a couple of us decided to go this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful. We got to the air port around 12 in the afternoon and took a bus to Marbella, which was about 45min.

Once we got to Marbella, we checked into our hostel; small, centrally located...quite nice. The owner was an old man from England who was extremely nice, and love to talk!!! Haha, anyways we walked around the old town of Marbella and by the beach.
Marbella reminded me of Miami

We watched the sunset:)
The next day we headed for the beach and sat out for a full day! It was so relaxing!!!! Not that Barcelona isn't relaxing, but its nice to just step away from everything that's going on and just have some time for your self. I was able to nap, and read some of the novel I am supposed to read for my literature class. It's actually not bad, and might be the first novel that a teacher assigns that's actually quite interesting. The book is called "A Broken Mirror" by Merce Rodoreda, a Catalan writer. 
The water is crystal clear!
I enjoyed climbing around the rocks

The day after we headed back to Malaga and checked out city and the beach there. Once again, another magnificent area. Malaga is more city-like unlike Marbella, which is a more low-key area. The day we got there, there was a marathon going on and all the roads were blocked. So many runners in the scorching heat! 

It was another day at the beach for me...a wonderful weekend I had. I have finally gotten rid of my migraine that had been lingering around for the past week! 
The path we took to the beach

The water was frigid! I put one foot in and my foot immediately froze...but i jumped in for 5 secs and quickly jumped back out...refreshing afterwards.
After the beach, we walked around town and found a cute place for dinner. The meal was delicious! Filled me up for sure!
Outside setting
Codfish in garlic sauce with some vegetables and rice
Vanilla Custard for dessert = Heaven

It was a wonderful weekend for me and I hope everyone else had a good weekend too! I loved both places but definitely would prefer Malaga over Marbella :) Now off to some homework!!!

Happy Father's Day in Spain!!!
No School :))

Besitos, Lilly Goti

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