Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valencia, Spain!!

This weekend I traveled to Valencia with my fellow classmates. It is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. I left Friday morning, taking a four-hour bus ride...slept the entire way. Valencia is located by the beach and is similar to "Jersey Shore". It's definitely a beautiful city, with lots of architecture. The people are nice as always, everyone has really nice cars...lots of Hummers, Audi's, Mercedes and BMW's.

Once we got to Valencia, we checked into our hotel (Astoria Palace: located in city center), and took a tour throughout the old city.
The city is preparing for their biggest event of the year known as "Las Fallas". It is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph. Each neighborhood saves up money throughout the entire year to make a huge monument and on the 19th judges go around and vote which is the best. Afterwards, they all get burned down. Everyone has fireworks also and shoot them throughout the day.
 Another square...
Kaley and Kirstin!
We took a bus tour around the city. This is the 
science museum that was recently built...quite

While we were walking on the streets, I thought there were bombs going off because the ground was shaking and I kept hearing loud noises; until I finally found out that kids were playing around with fireworks...dangerous. The locals throw off fireworks throughout the day until the actual celebration which is on the 19th of March.
 They have churros stands everywhere for the event coming
up...yay fried food = state fair!

Everyday at 2pm in the main square, fireworks go off. Thousands of people gather just to see them...but you can't even see them cause its 2 o'clock in the afternoon! They do it for the noise...its loudest during the day. I literally thought the city was getting attacked; I've never heard such loud fireworks in my entire life! It was amazing! I was deaf for the rest for the day though.
The main square where everyone gathers for the fireworks
My friend in Valencia had a wonderful balcony we 
were able to watch the fireworks from

I was not feeling to well the entire weekend and was not able to go out, but I stepped out for a little on Saturday night. I went to one of the squares and there was a huge crowd with people dancing salsa. And whenever I see salsa, I'm down for anything. I love it and what was so amazing is that one couple started dancing, then five others joined in doing the exact same steps and switching partners! It was like a flash mob! It was the coolest thing I have ever seen and definitely wish I was a part of it...maybe someday!

I'm back in Barcelona now, and very glad to be back. I missed Barcelona so much this weekend; probably because I was sick. Valencia was beautiful and lively, but I still prefer Barcelona. Home sweet home:) Now I have to rest and get rid of this awful sickness!!!! Hopefully I get better soon!
Have a great week everyone!
Besitos, Lilly Goti

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