Thursday, April 5, 2012


Buon Giorno!

I finally went to Italy! Yay! I have always wanted to go there just because, well I think only because the movies make it seem so romantic; and it's true! I traveled to Rome, an absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking city. It felt like I was in a movie, because literally every building, corner, store, everything was just so old and beautiful.

We arrived early in the morning, so we checked into our hostel and then had some breakfast...more like pizza for breakfast. This was the start of my "carbalicious" diet! Pizza, pasta, gelato...every meal!

I did a whole lot of sightseeing including the Vatican City, the Colosseo, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. Everything I saw was magnificent. It's so hard to explain, because pictures can never explain or show you the what you really saw or experienced.

Entrance to the Vatican!
I have never seen so many sculptures or paintings in 
my entire life! The entire tour through the Vatican took
4hrs!!! So many things to see! It's spectacular!
St. Peter's Basilica
I almost started crying walking in; not sure what it was
but when you walk in, you feel at peace with yourself
and grateful. This is the largest church in the world and 
the architecture is intriguing.
and so intriguing.

Just like a movie

The Pantheon

The Trevi Fountain! Threw a coin over my shoulder and 
made a wish!

The Colosseo
Probably my favorite. I have no idea how the Romans
built this great structure. 

The best ever! Three large scoops for 1.50euro!

I think I literally gained like 5lbs in Rome. Oh Rome! 
The pasta was dente! 

Until next time!
Besitos, Lilly