Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frankfurt to Berlin

Wish I could have stayed in Rothenburg a little longer, but we had to catch our train in Frankfurt to head to Berlin. Frankfurt is like any other big city; tall buildings, business centers, with lots of people everywhere. We stopped by our hotel that we were planing on staying for our last night before heading back to the states. We dropped off all of our luggage; well at least the ones we didn't need. Afterwards, we headed to the main train station to catch our train to Berlin.
Frankfurt Train Station
The train ride took about four and a half hours. I was listening to music and writing lyrics the entire thankful for Ipods. Once we got there, we took a cab to our hotel, which was about 20 min away. My parents were suprised on how far it was from the city center, and thought about changing our hotel; however once we got there we were convinced to stay. The hotel was located in West Berlin (outside wall); the "Beverly Hills" of Berlin. It was basically in an area where all the rich used to live; beautiful neighborhoods with enormous mansions! Our hotel: Alma Berlin- Schlosshotel im Grunewald, is part of the Leading Hotels, and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in visiting Berlin.
Schloss Hotel Berlin
Not that great:pic from our hotel

By the time we got settled into our hotel, it was practically dinner time so we booked dinner at a nice German restaurant a few blocks away from our hotel. It was set outside on a patio; the ambiance was relaxing. Most of the people at the restaurant live around the area and you can tell that they are more high class. The food was delicious..again, there's something about the German potatoes. I don't know what they do to them, but they are just so good!
Asparagus Season: white asparagus with my fav potatoes!
I also had this wonderful sparkling drink with sweet strawberries!
Love the hotel's breakfast! Waffles, Eggs, & Tea
The main reason we visited Berlin was for my dad. He was extremely eager to see the wall because he still remembers the day it got torn down. Being from Cuba, when the wall was torn down, this gave hope to all Cubans, thinking that they would be next. Unfortunately, after 22 years have passed, Cuba is still in the same situation, and all we can do is hope that it will be over soon.
Parts of the wall
Papi & I at the U.S Army Checkpoint
We practically went to all the museums in Berlin; extremely intriguing and emotional. I recommend going to the DDR museum for sure; especially if you have young adults traveling with you.
DDR Museum
Berlin Wall Memorial
The wall is absolutely incredible. We went to the wall memorial where they had a timeline of all the events.We also passed by the East Side Gallery, which is an international memorial for freedom. It is 1.3 kl long and consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the wall.
Thought this looked really funny! 
River we walked by
Wiesmann Car: vintage looking
My parents and I were in Berlin for 2 days. We tried to see as much as possible while we were here. 

Another restaurant...yummy yummy
Dessert! Apple Strudel
Bears are literally everywhere!
Okay...I think that was pretty much for Berlin. We did
a whole lot of sightseeing and museum touring. I
had a great time and recommend this stop for
anyone who is traveling to Europe. There is a whole lot 
of history and the people are a lot of fun.
Other than that, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday with friends 
family! I am off to work:p Really wish I could just stay home...
Only one more stop in my Europe trip...well not exactly a stop,
cause I was only there for a night! Alrighty, talk to you guys later!
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Besitos, Lilly

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