Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guten Tag!

Goodbye Switzerland...Helloooo Germany!
Felt German with this hat
Actually let me back track a bit. So we left the next morning to head to Fussen, Germany, however on the way we stopped by Luzern, Switzerland. Love Love Love <3 Such a cute city! The architecture of all the buildings looked like a movie! I think we were there for literally like 30 min max just to take some photos; which I accomplished of course;)
Love this...felt like a true photographer when I took this
Papi & I..stopped on the side of the road to take a scenic pic!
After the nice, short photo session I had, we headed to Deutschland! Fussen is a town in Bavaria, located on the edge of Germany (South). The town is famous for it's two main castles: Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Really hard to pronounce; I really wish you guys could try hearing my mom (an Asian) pronounce it because it's absolutely hilarious!!!! I actually took a recording of it, but that might be a little much if I were to put it up on here hihi :p
Anyhow the castles were built during King Ludwig II. Neuschwanstein is actually said to be where the idea of the Disney Castle came from...? It's huge and spectacular to see, but half of it was going under construction when we were there.

The town of Fussen is so cute. Just what I expected a small German town to look like actually. Cute homes, lots of color, and has that old feel to it. Our hotel was really nice, and dinner was great too. Dinner was actually was the three of us and the waiter came up and told me how beautiful I was...a little awkward when your parents are sitting with you haha. But guess what...he thought that we were just friends/acquaintances! He had no clue that they were my parents! Weird right. The waiter was actually shocked because he was like you dont look anything like them...but then said that i looked more like my mom (usually its the opposite). That was an interesting dinner.
Lovely Evening
The next day we decide to take a tour of another one of Ludwig's castles...gorgeous again...he was a crazy king and obsessed with castles/power.
Linderhof (where he spent most of his time)
Best time to visit!  When all the flowers are in bloom!
Clearly had a lot of fun taking pics!

After looking at all the castles, it was time to
 head to Rothenburg, Germany. 
Alright! Now off to work on some Stat
hw. Kill me now!
Have a good night!
Besitos, Lilly <3

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