Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Weekend!

What a long weekend I had...at least for me it was. My family from Japan who live in LA visited us for the weekend, as well as my friend Asae, whose basically like my older sister because I've known her for so long. She live in Greenville, SC and comes ever so often.
Asae & I <3
Both of my sis's with me:)
On Friday, we went shopping and we both ended up getting a dress from Express...check out the Fashion page to see the dress! While we were at the mall we dropped off her car to get the oil changed...and this is funny...she drives a Mercedes and we leave the car at Sears! My dad was going crazy when he heard this because who in the world takes their Mercedes to a Sears??? Hahahahahah Anyways they had no idea how to change the oil, saying there was no dipstick and yea. This was supposed to take 30 to 40min and ended up taking like 2 hours!
So bored that I pretended to be a tire saleswoman;)
While she was giving my number, I sneakily took a pic of them

In the meantime, Asae thought that the guy helping us looked cute and insisted that I give my number to him...ummm nooo. First off, I am not the type usually to just hand out my number, second, if anyone knows me, I am super picky, and third, I thought he was good-looking, but not for me. Plus he looked kinda young. Without looking she gave him my number! I actually didn't care though, because seriously, how many times does this end up working anyways.

 Finally after about 2hrs just standing and laughing around, the cars ready to go. Later that night I get a text! Haha I was laughing my ass off, he's super sweet though, at least he seemed so. I didn't end up going out that night to meet up with him or anything, nor have I talked to him since then, but if something happens, I'll be sure to let you guys know!
Driving back from the mall, after hrs of waiting
On Saturday morning, we all head to the lake for some tubing. It was an absolute beautiful day, with the sun shining high and bright. Tubed for a bit and totally got flung off; my dads a bit crazy, but loads of fun! After a couple of hours on the lake, Asae and I go to Bojangles (Southern Fast Food) to grab lunch for everyone. We literally looked like fat asses coming out of there!
Noelia (sis) & I
On the way to the lake

 Later in the afternoon, we all just hung out by our pool and chilled for the rest of day.
Chilling in the pool
Sunday was a relaxing day as well. I sadly had to go to work and had to leave my family behind. Once I got back, I ate leftover dinner and when up to our game room where everyone was playing pool or domino's. I on the other hand was the DJ for the night! I had a blast, with my comp, music, and speakers. I am currently using "VirtualDJ" as I don't have all the equipment yet. I was probably playing music for like 2hrs straight. I never get tired when it comes to music; I literally could have played all night.

One of my all time fav songs:

Later that evening, we watched Double with Richard Gere. A suspenseful movie filled with action; really good if you're into action and mystery.

On Monday morning I had to go into work, since there was going to be a huge celebration at the pool for Memorial Day. I sadly had to say bye to everyone since they were all going back to LA in the afternoon. Work was fun though; extremely hot! I was sweating bullets.

My weekend was great overall. I enjoyed my time
with friends and family and hope everyone else
did too. Returning back to class after a three-day
weekend was dreadful, but I survived.
Tomorrow will be a long day!
Oh btw, my friend posted this quote on fb today, and 
it made me feel a lot better...well it gave me 
an outlook on life. I think I'm going to post it 
somewhere where I can take a look 
at it everyday to remind me of how hard I need to work
to get to where I want to go.
 Have a great rest of your day!
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Besitos, Lilly

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