Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rain to Sunshine

Waking up to a rainy morning I'd say is tha hardest; especially if you know you have to go to class. I probably stayed in bed for an extra 15min debating whether or not to go to class. It was even worse when I stepped outside. It was down-pouring, and I was in sandals, jeans, a t-shirt, & a rain jacket. I could've easily ran back in to change and grab an umbrella, but I decided to be lazy and just deal with it.

Sitting by the pool
By the end of the day, well at least after my classes were over with, I was completely drenched and my feet were stained from wearing rainbows...wonderful start to my day. Luckily the rain died down and by the time I got home the sun started to peek out.

Work was canceled so I decided to lay out by the pool for a bit. The weather became so nice! Beautiful and not to hot; there was a nice breeze throughout the rest of the day.

#poolday #relaxing

Not too much going on today, but I did start my diet...officially. I say this everyday, but this time I'm serious. When I got back from Europe, I started making juice every morning, however, ever since classes started I haven't had any time in the mornings to make it so I decided to have it for dinner instead. I think this makes more sense though because I usually scarf down food for dinner and it should be the technically be the smallest meal of the day.
I drink the larger cup while my mom takes the smaller one
Cookie + my bunny case shadow:)
Having said that, I had my large glass of juice...only one downside. My sister decided to make chocolate chip cookies, so I had two...ahhhh my weakness! I need to work harder and get myself on track!
I couldn't resist the smell!

Not to exciting of a day, but I am back in
It has its goods and bads to it I guess.
I'm going to try to start making my set tonight (music).
Hopefully I can get some of that done tonight!
Besitos, Lilly

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