Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top of Europe

Hi!! So...experienced the Top of Europe today. My parents and I took a train from the Interlaken Ost Station and headed up to Junfraujoch. The train ride up took us approximately 2.5hrs. It actually seemed super short because there was so much scenery and it was a beautiful day! I'm telling you, we have been so lucky having such nice weather!
On the way up!
On the way to the top, they stop like two or three times...for the passengers to take pics and go to the restrooms...mainly to takes pics. Super gorgeous. They have these huge windows and well everyone takes pics of the mountains. Its crazy because down in Interlaken it was like 75 degrees whereas the top was freezinggggg!!! Obviously because I had my big, puffy North Face Jacket saver.
All Covered Up!
Love the clouds! Really did seem like I was on top of the world!
Once we finally got to the top it, you go into the Sphinx (basically like an observatory) and allows you to see the spectacular views of the glacier world. Really neat! There's a section that lets you go outside....super windy! I felt like I was gonna be blown off! I had to keep running back in and back out to take pictures because my hands kept getting cold haha, I probably looked like a crazy person.
With my lovely mother...who looks like an owl in these glasses <3

After taking numerous pictures, we went into the Ice Palace; a long, cave-like passageway. In the 1930s, two mountain guides began to hew out the massive hall from the glacier. It was created by hand, using only ice axes and saws.  It's insane! I have no idea how they built all of it, plus they keep it at minus three degrees Centigrade. While walking through the passage, there are many ice sculptures.
Huge globe at the start of the Sphinx...fell in love
Eagle Ice Sculptures
Ice Age!!!!
 As much as I wanted to stay, my feet were getting so cold that I was practically skating/sliding half-way through to get out of there!
It was not easy, trying to run on  ice!
After touring and taking hundreds of pics, we decided to head back down, but a different way so that we could stop by a village called Grindelwald. What a cute little village that was. Except the sun was shining hard and was sooooo very hot. Walking around, I stopped in a couple of shops, including chocolate shops!!! Swiss chocolate = heaven! What more could I ask for!
Felt like I was in a postcard!

After a little time in Grindelwald, it was time to head back to Interlaken. A wonderful, relaxing ride back it was. I rested a bit at the hotel, and then we were on a search for a laundry mat...really in need of doing laundry. There was only one in town and it was super small, but hey, it worked perfectly! After laundry we decided to eat at a Korean restaurant...we were not in the mood for fondu and I think we needed something Asian...haha my mom and I missed Asian food;) Btw, Interlaken is filled with Chinese and Korean restaurants; literally on every block.

If you ever travel to Switzerland, definitely go visit Jungfraujoch! Totally worth every penny!
Check it out at this site: Jungfraujoch

Tomorrow we head to Germany! So exciting!
The car ride = amazing...why? 
The autobahn of course!
See you tomorrow!
Besitos, Lilly

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