Friday, May 25, 2012

Touchdown Deutschland!

So today I am taking you to Rothenburg, Germany. North of Fussen, Rothenburg is a well-preserved medieval old town. The town is actually surrounded by a wall, so you have to go through gates to get in...I felt like I was in the movie "A Knight's Tale" (love the movie...RIP Heath Ledger). I have to say, Rothenburg might be my favorite town in Germany. A must-see!!!

When we first got there, I was like, okay so you park outside and then go into the city...haha noooo. The only reason I thought that was because the streets going in (the gates) were so narrow! Can't even fit two cars. We ended up asking some guy...super sincere and he told us to go through and that we would be fine. Haha I thought it was crazy.
This is like the smallest town and there's an R8 chillin' haha
Continuing on, it took us like 30 minutes to find our hotel. Goodness! It was so very confusing inside the way streets, no trespassing...too much. Finally someone knew where our hotel was and gave us directions.

The hotel was super cute...except one elevator and of course my mom wanted to take every suitcase up so that we could sort through before we had to return our car in Frankfurt and leave some luggage in the hotel before going to Berlin. We ended up getting the room on the top floor...only four floors, but still hard to bring like 6 huge suitcases up! I felt so bad for the guy who brought them up! Respect for bellmen's!

Once we got settled in, we went to go explore the town. Just like a movie, old looking homes and buildings.
Christmas Store:)
We had a lovely dinner; took us a while to find though because everywhere we went was packed! There was some festival or event going on in the square though, so there were a lot more people than usual.
Yummy Yummy...I don't know what it is with the potatoes in Germany but they are GOOD.
Dessert Time! Cookie Balls!
So that was Rothenburg. I was only there for 
a day...definitely wish I was there longer!
Now I'm about to go shopping...window shopping
as I am completely broke. 
So glad the week is over!! This week was so long
with classes and work! Happy Friday!
Besitos, Lilly

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