Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello Hello Hello!!!

I'm so sorry I haven't written in so long! There has been so much going on with exams and parents coming in and sadly having to move out :( I am finally home and very saddened. I fell in love with Barcelona and did not want to leave at all!!!! If my parents hadn't come to pick me up, I totally would have missed my flight home; simple as that.
Showing my parents around Barcelona!

Went to see the Magic Fountain before I left!
Last dinner was at Tragaluz = yummy yummy yummy
 My parents arrived to Barcelona at the end of my program and we took a 2 week tour of...well some parts of Europe. I guess you could call it a road trip through Europe because we drove everywhere! We rented a car from Barcelona and drove through the French Riviera (South of France) all the way to Monaco. One thing to note: do not do this because France is obsessed with tolls and I think we literally spent over 200euros just on tolls!!!! Ridiculous! So it took us about 8hrs, but we finally made it to Monte-Carlo, Monaco. What a beautiful city!!!!

There was a lot of construction going on because they were getting ready for the F1 Grand Prix...too bad we didn't come a little later:p We stayed here for two days, and took a tour bus throughout the entire city/country...since its super tiny.
We were so lucky to have sunny weather the entire time!
 It's incredible to see how they built this city, because it's literally on a cliff looking over the ocean. The port is gorgeous...the cars = AMAZING! Everywhere you look you see a sports car or a luxury car worth tons of money. It was like heaven seeing all of those cars everywhere haha...someday!
Pretending I owned this nice Bugatti;)

The streets = just had to take it
 We ate a really nice dinner one night at a place called Virage: I would recommend it to anyone who goes and visits one day!
So I started making like a collage for the restaurants I ate at
Monaco = super expensive, but definitely a place to go and visit! Hopefully I will be able to return someday...Oh! I almost forgot!!!! Monte-Carlo is known for Casinos of course...and yes gambled a little just because my mother wanted never haha. But we went to the casino in our hotel as well as the Monte-Carlo Casino aka The Billionaires Club (Casino Royale)!! Wasn't so spectacular because they were refurbishing the entire I have to come back because I need to see the real deal!

Anyways I will for sure continue on with my travels 
and will try to not miss anything!!! Maybe
this will make me feel better...can't stop
thinking about Barcelona...or Europe in general!
Have a great day!
Besitos, Lilly

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