Thursday, May 31, 2012

What A Long Day...

I tell you, each day it gets harder and harder to wake up at 6:30 in the morning. My body just hates getting out of bed haha. Class was boring, as usual and afterwards I went straight to my dad's office to get some work done. I'm currently working three my dad's office (administrative assistant), at the Prestonwood Country Club, and I am a photographer assistant to a Evan Pike who is a professional photographer here in NC.

After a few hours at the office, I had to head back home to get changed since I started my shift at the Club at three. The Club was a bit more crowded today than it has been in the past few days. Sometimes it got so slow I was dyinggg just standing there. Glad I'm home now:)

The highlight of my day was when I arrived home to a small package!!! Yayay!!! It was from my cousin in Japan who sells be more specific T/G-strings...super cute ones too;) She sent me a whole bunch and I am super excited. You can find the link to her website on my Favorites or Fashion Lovers Page!

I am seriously beat dead! My brain has been working way too long and my body is tired from standing all day long. Nevertheless, I have just received a text from my cousin asking me if I was ready...ummmmm oh ****. Totally forgot about going out tonight...actually didn't forget, just didn't think it was happening since I never got a text about plans. Anyways...I have to get going to get ready. I think we are going to Solas...? Not sure, but I shall let you know tomorrow! Hopefully I will survive!

Besitos, Lilly

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