Friday, June 29, 2012

In Comes The Heat

There is an extreme warm front/hot weather coming into town this weekend. Today was 104 degrees Farenheit and I had to work a part at the pool! I think it was too hot for the pool in my opinion, but it was definitely crowded.
About to be the hottest weekend
The event I catered to was a birthday party for a girl who was turning 9. I had to set up everything and every time I walked back inside, I was drenched and looked reckless. Before this, I taught dance camp and was worn out with little girls running around everywhere. Today for sure was a long day.
The only cool thing about today, was the cake!
I cannot wait to lay on my bed tonight! 
So excited to sleep in tomorrow morning, but
I am not sure if I can handle working another long, 
hot day at the pool:p
So very tired and time for bed:) Goodnight!
Besitos, Lilly

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I always say its a long week, but it seriously was a long week. Working with little children everyday is a lot harder than I had thought. I have to think of a new game everyday so that they don't get bored...definitely a hassle.

Yesterday I had lunch with Alvin, my friend who I told you guys about that was going to Spain for about 2 weeks...well he's back and I of course wanted to hear every little detail. We went to lunch at plce called Red Fox and we both had a salmon burgers. Absolutely delicious:) We talked for ever! And thank you...her understood why I had such a hard time leaving. How much I miss Barcelona.
With Large Steak Fries
I also had to teach a stretch class for the advanced students, so I decided to have a Bikram Yoga Class. I started taking it in Spain and loved it; even though I hate yoga, but there is something different about this one. It's controlled and stretches every ligament in your body. The class went well and I think...well I hope they enjoyed the class!

Later in the evening my mother, sister and I ended our day with some frozen yogurt. Always a good treat to have:)

New day, lets make it count.
The weekends almost here!!!
Besitos, Lilly

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally A Trip Is Booked

Classes are over, thought the days would get easier, but I was wrong. Teaching dance camps is a lot harder than I had expected. Little pre-ballet students are cute, but definitely hard to keep entertained for 2.5 hrs! Each week there is a different theme and this week is the Nutcracker. We learned a Spanish dance and did lots of other fun activities.
My little students!
Afterwards, I got together with my brother and my friend Allie to look up ski resort and chalets (rental homes) for this winter!!!! :)) Everything is literally booked; at least the week we are trying to go. I have probably emailed every site out there looking for a place to rent...Europeans are quick when it comes to booking winter trips...definitely learned a new lesson there. But please if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!!!

I think I was looking for hotels and chalets for about 3hrs straight and got so annoyed by the end because we couldn't find anything...but!!!! I booked a flight to Miami to visit a friend!!!! Ahhhh I'm so excited! I originally wanted to go to Cali, however its too expensive and I don't have that money right now so I decided to go to Miami...and I might be going to Kaskade's Freaks of Nature Tour....psych! This was the highlight of my day for sure.

Anyhow, now I have something to look
forward to this summer other than working 24/7...
Have a good night:)
Besitos, Lilly

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Too Quiet

Well the cousins have left and I only wish that they could have stayed longer. I'm hoping my brother and sister and I will travel up to Connecitcut in August to go visit them again...and this time I'll be free from work. My parents left to Seattle the other day, so its just me, my siblings and grandma in the house. Its actually really lonely and super quiet:(

Nothing exciting today though. I've been studying for my exam all day; well I've been trying to at least. I keep taking breaks like every 10min. I just hope to pass the class!! This will be me tomorrow:

I did do some cooking today. I made cinnamon rolls and a frittata this morning and for dessert I made some chocolate chip cookies:)

Tomorrow's my last day of summer school!
I just need to focus till then and get a good night
sleep tonight;) Hope everyone had 
a wonderful weekend.
Besitos, Lilly

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ever since my family left, I have either been working or in class, and I am exhausted! Two of my cousins stayed for an extra week, but sadly I have not been able to hang out with them at all:( I started teaching dance this week at IBA (International Ballet Academy), and boy does it take time and energy to keep the little ones entertained! I teach about two to three classes a day; kids ranging from the ages of 4-13. It is hard work, but I really do enjoy teaching dance.

This was my last week of summer school though! I took an exam yesterday and just have one more to go on Monday!!!! I cannot wait to hand that exam in; I'm so ready for this to be over because my brain is dead. I also had a photo session; a senior portrait session. That was actually a lot of fun, I got to style her and we had the photo shoot by an old farm house and railroad tracks...very rustic and fun.
Took a pic of the train & added a couple of effects!
 As you can see, this week consisted of literally just school, work, and more work. My cousins and siblings went to Hilton Head SC (beach) and left me for three days...I was so jealous. Now their back and at the lake without me because I have work and should probably start studying for my exam:/

The other night, I had a wonderful homemade dinner with my mom and her friend. We made seared salmon, with dumplings, fish soup, and brown rice....yum yum yum. I love Japanese food!!!
Last night, I got stuck working at an "Adult Pool Party" at the country club, but the good thing was that I got to bar-tend! I have never bar-tended before and I am actually pretty clueless when it comes to alcohol, but I managed and had a successful night; I think I could be good at this;) It was an extremely long night, dealing with drunk, rowdy soon as I got home I jumped on my bed and crashed...well, until I got woken up by my cousins.
I got to raid through the buffet line & have some oh so good food!

Overall it was a goodnight, super long week, 
and glad its over with! It's a beautiful 
Saturday and hope everyone is out with their loved
ones enjoying the day! Have a wonderful weekend!
Besitos, Lilly

P.S. My family is looking into going to Europe this coming winter for a ski trip. We usually go to Colorado, but would like to try something new. We are looking into Chamonix, France, Les Gets, France and St. Anton, Austria...anyone have anything good/bad to say about these places or have any suggestions??? Please let me know!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Navy Seals

Sorry being away for a couple of days...having 17 Cubans running around the house is CRAZYYYY FUNN! Like I said, this is probably one of the most exciting vacations I and my family look forward to. The entire crowd got here on Thursday, and we had a few surprises with cousins showing up that weren't planning on coming. I love a full house though; especially when its with the people you love the most.
The kiddies in the pool

Since that main event is a golf tournament for the men, the rest of us were always at the pool...literally all day. I was taking lots of pics here and there and we were so lucky for having such great weather! Sunny, but not too hot...literally Perfect!
With my sis and cute cousin;)

We had a party at our house on Friday night, and had appetizing food. After that eight of us went out midnight bowling...I was the only one who had nothing to (unusual), so I drove....and thank god that I did! The largest car we had, fit 7 but since we were eight we put one in the trunk. Right when we left the negihtborhood there was the largest checkpoint...the largest!!! I think there were over 15 cops out I played along, and they flashed their flashlights in the back and said we had one in the trunk. Cop: "So you stuffing people in the back?"...uhhhh yes sir! Haha couldn't deny it, but either we were let go and nothing happened. Scariest moment ever, but I survived.
Funny...playing an acting game

Bowling Time
My Hot Bowling Shoes
The last couple of days we hung out by the pool, jumping off diving boards and going down the slide. We also went on the boat yesterday; rough on the waters...I think I almost died out there. I got a cramp on the tube...who gets a cramp tubing? And not in my arms, on the side of my stomach, by the ribs. I tubed once and was done. Had a great time though!

Two of our cousins is staying for the rest of the week, so the house is not that empty, but it was sad when everyone left. I love my family so much and can't wait for next year. Oh and the reason this post was called "Navy Seals" was because in my family, we were all raised to be tough navy seals. We are not allowed to cry, and if we get stuck in a situation we deal with it or fight back...that the Cubans for ya.

That's all for now. I was practically sleeping
through class today. Hate Mondays, but
it was a good day overall. Hope everyone had a great
day! Thanks for following!
Besitos, Lilly

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Cubans Have Taken Over

Here We Go. For the past three years, we have had a family reunion at my house during a golf tournament at our Country Club. The tournament is called the "Prestonian" and basically its a men's golf tournament, but while the "husbands" are playing, the wives and children are hanging by the pool and having a good time. This is one of my favorite events I look forward to every year. There are about 20 of us...all crazy Cubans in one house...yea quite the party. I love it though!!!!
Mom and Sis:)
The family arrived today...and let me tell you...I feel sorry for our neighbors because for the next four-days they won''t get any sleep. When the Cubans are in town, there is no time for sleeping!
With my lovely sister Noelia

Since the tournament starts tomorrow, our friend hosted a Welcoming/Opening party. The food was sooooo very good! They did more of like a southern cuisine by making Beef Brisket with beans and macaroni. Everything was absolutely delicious! I was of course stuffing my face the entire time;)'s a good thing I worked out today!!
Eating some chips & dip! My Fav!

Corn Bread, Macaroni, Guac, Beef Brisket, Smores
Moonshine aka "Tennessee White Whiskey" 95% Alcohol = Yum
Moonshine: About & Ingredients

Feeling good today and so happy to be reunited with my family. My mom got drunk and was trying to tell her Japanese jokes...which is hilarious. Cubans + Japanese = Ultimate Party
You will not stop laughing!
With my friend Allie
Happy Hour Coaster:)
I can't wait for tomorrow and hope 
I can survive through class. I am so tempted 
to skip!!! Why Why Why. 
Make sure to follow me to keep updated!
Happy Wednesday!
Besitos, Lilly

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lake Day

Last nights BBQ wasn't quite the one I was expecting, but I ended up having a hot dog if that counts. My family and our friends family went out to the lake today. It was actually more like the dads and the kids, since both of the moms decided to stay home and relax.
Ready to hit the lake
Taking in some sun
 We have two tubes and decided that all 5 of us 'kids' would take a spin. I think we were tubing for about an dad is the craziest driver, trying to fling us off the entire time. And while that's going on, we are trying to switch tubes and have one person to switch to the next and back...its a whole lot of fun! My arms were completely dead from gripping on so tightly.
Afterwards a couple people wanted to water ski. I tried once when I was about 8 years old, however I gulped in a lot of water, got scared and haven't tried since. But today I decided to take a shot at it and I stood up on my third try! Not so bad ehh;)
I probably skied for a good 10-15 min or so until my arms couldn't last any longer...I am about to be extremely sore tomorrow. After a long day at the lake, we were all starving and to continue on our tradition we headed to Bojangles (southern fast food = spicy fried chicken with Cajun fries & biscuit). I felt like a fat-ass  after eating fried chicken, especially since I'm trying to keep healthy...and to make it even worse, we went to go eat frozen yogurt for that's a true fat-ass.
YoLo:) Don't worry I didn't eat all of those!
I cannot wait to hit my bed tonight. I will definitely pass out immediately. My family comes into town Wednesday though! Our house is going to be full with crazy Cuban maniacs, but I love it!

Weekends over and now back to reality...
Besitos, Lilly

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finally A Little Summer Fun

Ahhhh so haven't written in a couple of days, but I guess maybe a couple of fun things happened...other than boring summer classes at least. I got to meet up with two of my old best friends. One actually left to Spain yesterday...and of course I gave a whole brief down; I tell you when someone talks to me about Spain I will run my mouth till you tell me to stop. I'm obsessed!

I also met up with my good friend Laura. It was Triangle Restaurant Week, so we picked a restaurant from the "oh so long list" and met up there. For those who are not familiar with restaurant week, many restaurants participate in this week-long culinary excellence, to show off their food. Each restaurant has a set menu for lunch ($15) and dinner ($30)...definitely a good deal, especially for three course meal!
Laura and I at Lunch

We decided to try out Mia Francesca Trattoria. A lovely restaurant with delicious Italian food. I've been trying to cut down on crabs, but when that nice and warm bread came out, I couldn't resit! We shared two loafs! I don't regret it though. Mia Francesca
Bruschetta, Pistachio Cream Puffs, Tiramisu...main course was Pollo al Romano
Today, I hung out by the pool with my family. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I just got to relax...finally. I think I'm brain dead (3.5 months of school work in 5 weeks is a lot).

Went for a nice swim
Ready for the BBQ!
Now, I'm about to have a barbeque with the fam!
I'll let you know how it ends up tomorrow!
Hope everyone who was at EDC had an amazing time!
Heard great things and I've already listened to
the sets! Thanks for following!
Besitos, Lilly

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hump Day

Where do I midterms are done! Except, I did not do as well as I hoped; actually i think practically the whole class failed because our average was so low. I have two weeks left and need to start focusing. It's just so hard since its summer and I am such a daydreamer...its really bad.

Other than school, I have been working at the snack bar; same-old same-old, however, on Monday, I worked my photography job. Our client was a girl from the storm quad (like a cheerleader for the pro hockey team here in NC). She brought a load of clothing and I as the stylist, picked out a couple outfits for the shoot. I had so much fun picking out the outfits; I love fashion and this allowed me to experiment and have fun with clothes. Afterwards we got the shoot started. I helped around with some of the lighting and picked different poses for her. Having taken dance my entire life, the camera was always next to me. I have always loved photography and modeling pictures as well, which also helped a lot with the posing.

We had the first shoot in the studio and then headed out to a nice, grassy field, and later on to a park. It was interesting being in the background of things because I'm so used to being on stage in front of people. I am so glad I took on this job. It has given me a lot of insight on photography and I get to use my fashion skills;) I'm eager for the next shoot!
Yup...I was taking pix too
We took some by this; looked amazing! Old-American Country look

If you're interested his name is Evan Pike. A great photographer and takes great photos, loves to travel, adn loves Japan! Check it out: Evan Pike Photography

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my siblings and our two good friends. We went to a new restaurant called Ruckus. Pretty good; a pizza/pasta place...except they sell sushi too. A little weird, but hey, I guess people like to have pizza and sushi...?
Appetizer = hand-rolled garlic knots (I think) but I kept calling them hard-rolled garlic nuts..woops
I had a super large slice of pizza = black olives, chicken, onion
Oh! For music lovers...Sensation USA has finally been announced! It will be held October 26th-27th, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY and tickets will be on sale this Friday June 8th! It's finally here!!! The only thing different is that you have to be 21 to go...luckily my birthday was in April:p
Check out the Sensation US'12 Trailer:

Ahhhhh so psyched!!!

Alright, well I think that's all for now...
at least what has been going on around here. 
One of my good friends is going to Spain this Friday
with his family and super jealous! 
Like really jealous. Sending him 'hot spot'
info as we speak;)
Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!
Besitos, Lilly

Sunday, June 3, 2012


What a short weekend it was. I am not ready to start the week yet...especially since I have a midterm tomorrow. Summer sessions go by extremely a way I wish sometimes we could take classes like this during the year because I would get over the class much faster.

Saturday was a pretty chill day. I had no work and just hung around the house, playing music and laying by the pool. I learned how to drive a manual car though. One of our friends left his car behind and my dad thought we might as well keep it so that we (as in my brother, sister & I) could learn how to drive stick. It was an old car so we had to fix it up a bit, and we even painted it yellow to make it even more exciting. I was extremely nervous at first...I knew that I would be bad at it.I probably stalled 4 times...but finally got the hang of it, well I hope I do.
We  put my grandma in the car to make it look like she was driving haha

I practiced again today and was definitely much I'll be able to drive a hot sports car;) Can't wait!

Later on, I started studying for my midterms. I took a break by baking some Red Velvet cupcakes...which I absolutely adore! They were delicious...I could've eaten all of them, but I am trying to be healthy and had two small heart-sized ones:)
I love this stage...get to lick the bowl afterwards!
Slowly starting to grow
Made it for my friends in Barcelona
While I enjoyed making these during my extra long break,
I have to get back to studying.
Only three weeks left!!! I can do this...
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Besitos, Lilly

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

Finally....longest week ever. Even though we had Monday off, I feel like four-day weeks tend to feel much longer. I had class as usual...was shot to death because I went out last night to celebrate my brothers 19th birthday with my two cousins. We went out to Solas; a lounge/club downtown. I am not familiar at all with the nightclubs in my area and having started my "club life" in Barcelona...I wasn't trying to expect much here.
With my cousin Idalia
I have to say, Raleigh is so ghetto! We walked in and well definitely not as organized, but I had to pay a $10 fee...definitely not used to that. Once we got in, there were three floors. The second floor plays Spanish music, including salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Reggeaton, unlike the third floor that plays all hip-hop/rap.
With my cousins Idalia & Javier & the b-day boy:)
Overall Solas is not a bad club at least for Raleigh. It got packed around 1am, but we ended up leaving around 2 since I had class the next morning. Check out Solas here: Solas Raleigh
Epic pic of my sister;)

Scampi Travinia
Today, was pretty chill though. I finally worked out...proud of myself. My family went out to dinner at Travinia for my brothers birthday. All in all it was a nice day, and so glad that the weekend is finally here!
B-day cake...from the restaurant
Have A Great Weekend!
Besitos, Lilly