Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I always say its a long week, but it seriously was a long week. Working with little children everyday is a lot harder than I had thought. I have to think of a new game everyday so that they don't get bored...definitely a hassle.

Yesterday I had lunch with Alvin, my friend who I told you guys about that was going to Spain for about 2 weeks...well he's back and I of course wanted to hear every little detail. We went to lunch at plce called Red Fox and we both had a salmon burgers. Absolutely delicious:) We talked for ever! And thank you...her understood why I had such a hard time leaving. How much I miss Barcelona.
With Large Steak Fries
I also had to teach a stretch class for the advanced students, so I decided to have a Bikram Yoga Class. I started taking it in Spain and loved it; even though I hate yoga, but there is something different about this one. It's controlled and stretches every ligament in your body. The class went well and I think...well I hope they enjoyed the class!

Later in the evening my mother, sister and I ended our day with some frozen yogurt. Always a good treat to have:)

New day, lets make it count.
The weekends almost here!!!
Besitos, Lilly

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