Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lake Day

Last nights BBQ wasn't quite the one I was expecting, but I ended up having a hot dog if that counts. My family and our friends family went out to the lake today. It was actually more like the dads and the kids, since both of the moms decided to stay home and relax.
Ready to hit the lake
Taking in some sun
 We have two tubes and decided that all 5 of us 'kids' would take a spin. I think we were tubing for about an dad is the craziest driver, trying to fling us off the entire time. And while that's going on, we are trying to switch tubes and have one person to switch to the next and back...its a whole lot of fun! My arms were completely dead from gripping on so tightly.
Afterwards a couple people wanted to water ski. I tried once when I was about 8 years old, however I gulped in a lot of water, got scared and haven't tried since. But today I decided to take a shot at it and I stood up on my third try! Not so bad ehh;)
I probably skied for a good 10-15 min or so until my arms couldn't last any longer...I am about to be extremely sore tomorrow. After a long day at the lake, we were all starving and to continue on our tradition we headed to Bojangles (southern fast food = spicy fried chicken with Cajun fries & biscuit). I felt like a fat-ass  after eating fried chicken, especially since I'm trying to keep healthy...and to make it even worse, we went to go eat frozen yogurt for that's a true fat-ass.
YoLo:) Don't worry I didn't eat all of those!
I cannot wait to hit my bed tonight. I will definitely pass out immediately. My family comes into town Wednesday though! Our house is going to be full with crazy Cuban maniacs, but I love it!

Weekends over and now back to reality...
Besitos, Lilly

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