Monday, June 18, 2012

Navy Seals

Sorry being away for a couple of days...having 17 Cubans running around the house is CRAZYYYY FUNN! Like I said, this is probably one of the most exciting vacations I and my family look forward to. The entire crowd got here on Thursday, and we had a few surprises with cousins showing up that weren't planning on coming. I love a full house though; especially when its with the people you love the most.
The kiddies in the pool

Since that main event is a golf tournament for the men, the rest of us were always at the pool...literally all day. I was taking lots of pics here and there and we were so lucky for having such great weather! Sunny, but not too hot...literally Perfect!
With my sis and cute cousin;)

We had a party at our house on Friday night, and had appetizing food. After that eight of us went out midnight bowling...I was the only one who had nothing to (unusual), so I drove....and thank god that I did! The largest car we had, fit 7 but since we were eight we put one in the trunk. Right when we left the negihtborhood there was the largest checkpoint...the largest!!! I think there were over 15 cops out I played along, and they flashed their flashlights in the back and said we had one in the trunk. Cop: "So you stuffing people in the back?"...uhhhh yes sir! Haha couldn't deny it, but either we were let go and nothing happened. Scariest moment ever, but I survived.
Funny...playing an acting game

Bowling Time
My Hot Bowling Shoes
The last couple of days we hung out by the pool, jumping off diving boards and going down the slide. We also went on the boat yesterday; rough on the waters...I think I almost died out there. I got a cramp on the tube...who gets a cramp tubing? And not in my arms, on the side of my stomach, by the ribs. I tubed once and was done. Had a great time though!

Two of our cousins is staying for the rest of the week, so the house is not that empty, but it was sad when everyone left. I love my family so much and can't wait for next year. Oh and the reason this post was called "Navy Seals" was because in my family, we were all raised to be tough navy seals. We are not allowed to cry, and if we get stuck in a situation we deal with it or fight back...that the Cubans for ya.

That's all for now. I was practically sleeping
through class today. Hate Mondays, but
it was a good day overall. Hope everyone had a great
day! Thanks for following!
Besitos, Lilly

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