Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ever since my family left, I have either been working or in class, and I am exhausted! Two of my cousins stayed for an extra week, but sadly I have not been able to hang out with them at all:( I started teaching dance this week at IBA (International Ballet Academy), and boy does it take time and energy to keep the little ones entertained! I teach about two to three classes a day; kids ranging from the ages of 4-13. It is hard work, but I really do enjoy teaching dance.

This was my last week of summer school though! I took an exam yesterday and just have one more to go on Monday!!!! I cannot wait to hand that exam in; I'm so ready for this to be over because my brain is dead. I also had a photo session; a senior portrait session. That was actually a lot of fun, I got to style her and we had the photo shoot by an old farm house and railroad tracks...very rustic and fun.
Took a pic of the train & added a couple of effects!
 As you can see, this week consisted of literally just school, work, and more work. My cousins and siblings went to Hilton Head SC (beach) and left me for three days...I was so jealous. Now their back and at the lake without me because I have work and should probably start studying for my exam:/

The other night, I had a wonderful homemade dinner with my mom and her friend. We made seared salmon, with dumplings, fish soup, and brown rice....yum yum yum. I love Japanese food!!!
Last night, I got stuck working at an "Adult Pool Party" at the country club, but the good thing was that I got to bar-tend! I have never bar-tended before and I am actually pretty clueless when it comes to alcohol, but I managed and had a successful night; I think I could be good at this;) It was an extremely long night, dealing with drunk, rowdy soon as I got home I jumped on my bed and crashed...well, until I got woken up by my cousins.
I got to raid through the buffet line & have some oh so good food!

Overall it was a goodnight, super long week, 
and glad its over with! It's a beautiful 
Saturday and hope everyone is out with their loved
ones enjoying the day! Have a wonderful weekend!
Besitos, Lilly

P.S. My family is looking into going to Europe this coming winter for a ski trip. We usually go to Colorado, but would like to try something new. We are looking into Chamonix, France, Les Gets, France and St. Anton, Austria...anyone have anything good/bad to say about these places or have any suggestions??? Please let me know!!!

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