Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Olympics

There has been a lot going on the past few days, with my siblings arriving back from Japan with our cousin, trying to entertain her, and well, of course the Olympics! I am a huge fan of the Olympics...I literally sit on my couch all day and watch it; I'm a total bum...but come on, it's the Olympics, that's gotta be okay:)

My cousin, Natsuki, form Japan is in town and this is her first time in the States. She's thirteen and pretty shy. My sister is 15 and currently in her hormonal "teenage" stage and is such a hard head. Anyways my point, my sister is "too cool" to hangout with a 13-year old, however she is starting to her my talks haha.
My brother brought home my fav magazine! VIVI with the gorgeous Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover

We've pretty much done everything already though, going to the mall, hanging out at the pool, and we even went on the boat yesterday. We tubed for a while then I decided to try to wake board. I've only water-skied once, trying it about a month ago, but I've always wanted to try to wake board. I got up on my first try and then fell off...WOW....falling of a wake board is way worse than falling off skies. I had like a major migraine and my whole body was going nuts. I tried it again and finally was able to stay up for a while. I still have a long way to go, but am super excited about this new sport!

Got a new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for this coming year
Waking up today was hell. I felt like I needed a neck brace; no joke. I am so sore from hitting the water so hard. I am going to struggle trying to teach dance later this afternoon. I decided to take Natsuki to North Hills Shopping Center. We went to a couple of stores and had a nice coffee break.
Starbucks Break!

I can't believe August is only two days away.
Where has the summer gone?!?!?
School will start in about three weeks...wonderful.
I'd say I'm feeling bittersweet about that. I've got lots
to do before that and I feel like I'm running 
out of time. Oh! Did anyone check out Tomorrowland???
I was watching it on the live channel on YouTube!!! 
Absolutely AMAZING!!! I hope I can go next year!
Besitos, Lilly

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer In Miami

Ready for takeoff
I'm back from too quite happy about that, but of course, we all have to get back to reality someday. I had a wonderful trip, thanks to my Jason who definitely showed me the good life. I have to say, I have been to Miami numerous times, having family down there, however, I've never really experienced South Beach nor the Beach City.

My flight was good, no delays, clear skies, and I arrived safely to Ft. Lauderdale where Jason picked me up. He lives in Jupiter, about an hr from Miami; basically Palm Beach. His family was so welcoming and they are great cooks!!! We had a scrumptious dinner every night (apart from when I was in beach city;)). He has three dogs and they go swimming in their pool everyday. They taught them how to swim and get out of the pool because one of their friends lost their dog by not being able to get out. That makes me think to...maybe I should make my dog learn how to swim and get out of the pool, but he HATES the water!!! I'll think about it.

Bar at Palm Beach

We went out to Palm Beach the first night and I met a couple of his friends. We went to a couple of bars, all fun.

Beautiful Beach in Jupiter, FL

The next day we went to the beach and had a nice relaxing afternoon. Jason's mom cooked us beef and lobster that night for getting spoiled. After dinner, we drove to Miami where we stayed at our friends house....absolutely amazing!!! In south beach, on the water, and jealous. I think there were about 15 of us staying and I got to meet a couple of people I met in Barcelona which was great:)

We went bar hopping that night and I met so many people. Miami is like a different country. So diverse and so much Spanish...heaven;) The night is always young down south...we partied like there was no tomorrow.

BCN Reunion (Dan & Jason)

The next day, we went to a private beach and just chilled. One thing about Florida is that the water is so clear and so blue. It's so unfair. I wanted to stay in the water forever.
Miami Beach

Later that evening, it was time for Kaskade. Kaskade was in Miami for his "Freaks of Nature" tour, and having is after-party in LivMiami ...the top club in all of town. Wow...what a club it was. So open, lights going everywhere and people going nuts! I have officially decided that Americans are way crazier that doubt. I had a little trouble getting in because they though my ID was fake (I think they've never had anyone from NC), but I finally managed to get in. The night was never ending. It brought back memories from Barcelona...what doesn't. Ahhhhh I miss it so very much.

Overall the night was amazing...Kaskade was AMAZING. I crashed as soon as I got back and the next morning Jason and I were off back to Jupiter. I helped his mom make sushi for's funny because I'm half Japanese and I've never made it. My mom has never made it and I finally learned from an American...made me laugh.

I definitely had a great weekend and sad that
it flew by quickly. I hope to return soon 
and reunite with all my friends. 
Now I'm back to work...back to reality. 
See you tomorrow:)
Besitos, Lilly

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Off To Florida

This is going to be extra short, but I am leaving to Fort. Lauderdale, Florida this morning and will be gone till next Monday. I won't be able to post anything, but if you'd like to follow my daily activities or anything, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter!

Have  A Great Rest Of Your Week!
Besitos, Lilly

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cleaner By Day, Dance Instructor By Night

These past two days have been quite interesting. I usually work in my dad's office doing paperwork and working with excel, but this time he made me actually clean a building. Definitely a first for me, but what the's an experience;) My borther, cousin, and I had to clean a whole floor that was completely empty, all with new desks, chairs, etc. The company refurbished the floor and we needed it to look as good as new...which it did at the end!
Don't I look great:p
After cleaning, I had a few classes to teach, always fun to see dancers grow and improve everyday. I definitely do enjoy it.

This morning, my mother left to Japan and when I came downstairs there was a gift on the counter. She left each of us (me + 2 siblings) a gift from when she and my dad went to Seattle 2 weeks ago. I was so excited...this is a first and extremely weird because we never receive gifts like this.
hmmm...what could it be
A mini, orange Long Champ! Perfect for Summer:) Thanks Mom!
After a full days work, I had a dentist appointment...absolutely hate the dentist. I just hate it when they scratch your teeth and make that screeching sound...ahhh makes me shiver even now! I have to start packing for Florida!!! I leave Thursday morning and cannot wait to go!

Oh and today's outfit! I had on a black maxi that I got from Japan a couple years back and a couple of accessories:)
Bracelets: Mango, Necklace: Vintage Boutique in Barcelona

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Besitos, Lilly

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Taking On The Waves

The best part about going to the beach would be cruising around on the boat and listening to some good music. I spent the rest of my days at the beach on the boat, in the water, or at the pool. It was wayyyy to hot to even be laying out.
My mother and I
We anchored and for a bit and swam to the beach and took a nice walk. And as I am saying this I just realized...while I was taking a walk I found a a sand dollar (completely cleaned out) and I took it back with me; however, I think I left it at the pool when I took a swim later that day...that makes me sad:( Hopefully I'll find another one next time.

We stopped by Harbor Town for lunch and afterwards headed back to the beach for some more swimming. I'd say that swimming back and forth from the boat to shore was my workout for the day.

Harbor Town
Sweet Shrimp, Hinoki Roll, Agedashi Tofu, Seared Tuna

Later that night, we had a lovely dinner at Hinoki...if anyone travels to Hliton Head, SC and loves sushi...this is must go to restaurant. A good friend of ours, from Japan owns it, so it definitely is authentic:)))
Hinoki Restaurant
Red Velvet & Cookie Dough Ice Cream for Dessert
Also check out my Fashion Page to see what I wore and accessories I had on that night:)

As for now, I just got back and 
need to catch up on some work! Hope
everyone had a wonderful July 4th break or
weekend with their friends
and family! Oh...and if you're into
Instagram make sure to follow me!!! 
Besitos, Lilly

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Soooo I had an exciting/long Independence Day. I had to work an event at the country club from 11am to 4pm but was let out about a half an hour early. I was planning on meeting up with my family who left me for the beach (Hilton Head Island, SC) on Saturday today, but all my co-workers pushed me into going yesterday. A five hour drive...after work....sweaty and tired...yea, I did it. I jammed to my house music, and luckily all the roads were empty so it went by pretty quick.

Five hours of driving, but I made it to the end of the fireworks! I saw them while I was driving and made it to the marina for the finale.
By the dock waiting for my parents who went on a boat ride

I woke up to a beautiful morning:) I spent an entire day in the pool...I couldn't even stand laying out for 10min because it was way too hot.

After a long day at the pool and getting lots of Vitamin D, I had my self a late, but hearty lunch. It was only my sister and I all day because my parents and brothers were out golfing. Once they got back we got ready and headed out for dinner at Michael Anthony's Italian Cuisine. It was a lovely dinner and was indeed satisfied:)

I think tomorrow I am going to have a girls day 
with my mom and sister while my dad and brother go 
out fishing. Now I am off to watching some 
Angel's and Demons (currently on TV). Have a great 
night:) Thanks for following!
Besitos, Lilly