Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cleaner By Day, Dance Instructor By Night

These past two days have been quite interesting. I usually work in my dad's office doing paperwork and working with excel, but this time he made me actually clean a building. Definitely a first for me, but what the hell...it's an experience;) My borther, cousin, and I had to clean a whole floor that was completely empty, all with new desks, chairs, etc. The company refurbished the floor and we needed it to look as good as new...which it did at the end!
Don't I look great:p
After cleaning, I had a few classes to teach, always fun to see dancers grow and improve everyday. I definitely do enjoy it.

This morning, my mother left to Japan and when I came downstairs there was a gift on the counter. She left each of us (me + 2 siblings) a gift from when she and my dad went to Seattle 2 weeks ago. I was so excited...this is a first and extremely weird because we never receive gifts like this.
hmmm...what could it be
A mini, orange Long Champ! Perfect for Summer:) Thanks Mom!
After a full days work, I had a dentist appointment...absolutely hate the dentist. I just hate it when they scratch your teeth and make that screeching sound...ahhh makes me shiver even now! I have to start packing for Florida!!! I leave Thursday morning and cannot wait to go!

Oh and today's outfit! I had on a black maxi that I got from Japan a couple years back and a couple of accessories:)
Bracelets: Mango, Necklace: Vintage Boutique in Barcelona

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