Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer In Miami

Ready for takeoff
I'm back from too quite happy about that, but of course, we all have to get back to reality someday. I had a wonderful trip, thanks to my Jason who definitely showed me the good life. I have to say, I have been to Miami numerous times, having family down there, however, I've never really experienced South Beach nor the Beach City.

My flight was good, no delays, clear skies, and I arrived safely to Ft. Lauderdale where Jason picked me up. He lives in Jupiter, about an hr from Miami; basically Palm Beach. His family was so welcoming and they are great cooks!!! We had a scrumptious dinner every night (apart from when I was in beach city;)). He has three dogs and they go swimming in their pool everyday. They taught them how to swim and get out of the pool because one of their friends lost their dog by not being able to get out. That makes me think to...maybe I should make my dog learn how to swim and get out of the pool, but he HATES the water!!! I'll think about it.

Bar at Palm Beach

We went out to Palm Beach the first night and I met a couple of his friends. We went to a couple of bars, all fun.

Beautiful Beach in Jupiter, FL

The next day we went to the beach and had a nice relaxing afternoon. Jason's mom cooked us beef and lobster that night for getting spoiled. After dinner, we drove to Miami where we stayed at our friends house....absolutely amazing!!! In south beach, on the water, and jealous. I think there were about 15 of us staying and I got to meet a couple of people I met in Barcelona which was great:)

We went bar hopping that night and I met so many people. Miami is like a different country. So diverse and so much Spanish...heaven;) The night is always young down south...we partied like there was no tomorrow.

BCN Reunion (Dan & Jason)

The next day, we went to a private beach and just chilled. One thing about Florida is that the water is so clear and so blue. It's so unfair. I wanted to stay in the water forever.
Miami Beach

Later that evening, it was time for Kaskade. Kaskade was in Miami for his "Freaks of Nature" tour, and having is after-party in LivMiami ...the top club in all of town. Wow...what a club it was. So open, lights going everywhere and people going nuts! I have officially decided that Americans are way crazier that doubt. I had a little trouble getting in because they though my ID was fake (I think they've never had anyone from NC), but I finally managed to get in. The night was never ending. It brought back memories from Barcelona...what doesn't. Ahhhhh I miss it so very much.

Overall the night was amazing...Kaskade was AMAZING. I crashed as soon as I got back and the next morning Jason and I were off back to Jupiter. I helped his mom make sushi for's funny because I'm half Japanese and I've never made it. My mom has never made it and I finally learned from an American...made me laugh.

I definitely had a great weekend and sad that
it flew by quickly. I hope to return soon 
and reunite with all my friends. 
Now I'm back to work...back to reality. 
See you tomorrow:)
Besitos, Lilly

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