Sunday, July 8, 2012

Taking On The Waves

The best part about going to the beach would be cruising around on the boat and listening to some good music. I spent the rest of my days at the beach on the boat, in the water, or at the pool. It was wayyyy to hot to even be laying out.
My mother and I
We anchored and for a bit and swam to the beach and took a nice walk. And as I am saying this I just realized...while I was taking a walk I found a a sand dollar (completely cleaned out) and I took it back with me; however, I think I left it at the pool when I took a swim later that day...that makes me sad:( Hopefully I'll find another one next time.

We stopped by Harbor Town for lunch and afterwards headed back to the beach for some more swimming. I'd say that swimming back and forth from the boat to shore was my workout for the day.

Harbor Town
Sweet Shrimp, Hinoki Roll, Agedashi Tofu, Seared Tuna

Later that night, we had a lovely dinner at Hinoki...if anyone travels to Hliton Head, SC and loves sushi...this is must go to restaurant. A good friend of ours, from Japan owns it, so it definitely is authentic:)))
Hinoki Restaurant
Red Velvet & Cookie Dough Ice Cream for Dessert
Also check out my Fashion Page to see what I wore and accessories I had on that night:)

As for now, I just got back and 
need to catch up on some work! Hope
everyone had a wonderful July 4th break or
weekend with their friends
and family! Oh...and if you're into
Instagram make sure to follow me!!! 
Besitos, Lilly

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