Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Olympics

There has been a lot going on the past few days, with my siblings arriving back from Japan with our cousin, trying to entertain her, and well, of course the Olympics! I am a huge fan of the Olympics...I literally sit on my couch all day and watch it; I'm a total bum...but come on, it's the Olympics, that's gotta be okay:)

My cousin, Natsuki, form Japan is in town and this is her first time in the States. She's thirteen and pretty shy. My sister is 15 and currently in her hormonal "teenage" stage and is such a hard head. Anyways my point, my sister is "too cool" to hangout with a 13-year old, however she is starting to her my talks haha.
My brother brought home my fav magazine! VIVI with the gorgeous Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover

We've pretty much done everything already though, going to the mall, hanging out at the pool, and we even went on the boat yesterday. We tubed for a while then I decided to try to wake board. I've only water-skied once, trying it about a month ago, but I've always wanted to try to wake board. I got up on my first try and then fell off...WOW....falling of a wake board is way worse than falling off skies. I had like a major migraine and my whole body was going nuts. I tried it again and finally was able to stay up for a while. I still have a long way to go, but am super excited about this new sport!

Got a new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for this coming year
Waking up today was hell. I felt like I needed a neck brace; no joke. I am so sore from hitting the water so hard. I am going to struggle trying to teach dance later this afternoon. I decided to take Natsuki to North Hills Shopping Center. We went to a couple of stores and had a nice coffee break.
Starbucks Break!

I can't believe August is only two days away.
Where has the summer gone?!?!?
School will start in about three weeks...wonderful.
I'd say I'm feeling bittersweet about that. I've got lots
to do before that and I feel like I'm running 
out of time. Oh! Did anyone check out Tomorrowland???
I was watching it on the live channel on YouTube!!! 
Absolutely AMAZING!!! I hope I can go next year!
Besitos, Lilly

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