Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Pure Bliss

So far so good. It was my fourth day back; six classes is a bit overwhelming, but I guess you could say I'm getting used to it. Since I changed my major, my classes are completely different from what I am used to. If you don't know, I came to USC for dance, then decided to change it to Hospitality, and then last December I changed it for the last time to Public Relations. I am absolutely loving it so far and am learning so much.

Froyo: with my new bracelet from my BFF Carol!
I'm also taking this Human Sexuality class, quite the interesting one. Today we got into groups and listed out all the "sex slang" terms we knew! My professor wants us to become comfortable with talking about sex and...well everything that goes with it. I must say, I must be old or something because the terms that were listed on the board were ridiculous! I've never heard more than half of them everrrr...I definitely added a whole lot of new vocabulary to my personal dictionary.

Other than school, I've been working out daily trying to be healthy and eating lots of greens. The only thing is that since I've gotten back, I have had frozen yogurt three times...Guilty!

All fat after eating Froyo:Zara Shorts, Express Top, Aldo Shoes
With all my classes and well, college, you'd think my life is busy enough, but I decided that I was in need of a job. I went searching and surely enough I found a part-time position at a local Spa called OCCO Skin Studio. I had my interview today and it was a success!!! Ironically, I got the job because of my blog. My boss 'googled' me and found this. He said it was great...I was in shock at this point and totally flushed; I was literally burning up inside. Anyways, its a beautiful Spa that provides facials, massages, manicures/pedicures etc. I will be the front desk attendant and if you ever happen to be in Columbia, SC, make to sure to stop by!
Before the interview...felt a little nervous!
One more thing, my roommate and I went grocery shopping this evening and bought some Hershey's "Bliss" chocolate...yummm:) We stopped at CVS Pharmacy on the way back and while we were snooping around, we encountered a guy who had just opened a large bag of Cheddar Popcorn and was munching hard. When we were getting ready to leave , we saw him exit with a case of beer and no bag in his hand!!! How crazy is that! He just left the half eaten bag laying around...so sketchy! And...that was my story of the night; definitely made me laugh. 

Hope everyone is having a good start to 
their week. It's almost Labor Day Weekend!
Can't wait for a break...even though I just started.
Besitos, Lilly

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let The School Year Begin

It's been quite a while since the last time I wrote; my apologies. I've been busy with family coming into town from Japan, working, and getting ready to start my Junior year. I can't believe it's already here, time has flew by incredibly fast...a little too fast; especially last semester :(

Last weekend, my family and I took a trip to the beach with all my stuff; that way on the way back they could drop me off...bittersweet I'd say. The weather wasn't too bad, it rained here and there, but I ended up getting extremely burned on my face!!! The worst place possible! It was majorly burned, as in I felt like I had plastic surgery done because my face was so tight and had no wrinkles...always put sunscreen!!!

Anyways, my dad and I were on the boat practically the entire weekend just cruising around, while the rest of the family went shopping. Surprising yes, but felt bad for my dad since he was the only guy this weekend (brother started school already).

I almost forgot! We always see dolphins swimming around, but this time I got a shot of them jumping! Definitely a first for me!

Coming back to Columbia, SC was a bit more sad than happy. I'm such a city girl and its extremely southern and well, a college town...not hating on USC or anything. I have a new apartment this year though!!! That's really exciting :)) I have one roommate, Emily, who I've been friends with since freshman year. We both were dance major and ended up changing it; smartest decision we ever made.

The apartment is wonderful and am loving it so far. It took me a while to unpack, but I finally finished! Have a look at my room...still in need of more decorating though;)
New Bedding...Passport (cities including BCN!!!)

And that is what my room looks like! Oh and I found the cutest wall decor from the World Market that I really want...take a look!

This would be perfect! I am obsessed with cupcakes!

Classes started today. All of them went well; I have six classes so it will definitely be tough, but I have a feeling it will be a good year :)
Besitos, Lilly Goti