Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion, Food...What More Could I Ask For?

Another beautiful day again. I wish it could be like this everyday...
Had to take this on my way to class
I got stopped by the train on my way back home...
Columbia Sunset
 I decided to get involved with the USC Fashion Board, and attended the first meeting this evening. Surprisingly, there were so many people there...but I'm sure it will die down as the semester progresses. I absolutely love this organization and  cannot wait to begin with all the events! I'll have to keep you guys updated!

Oh...they showed us a part of the Alexander Wang's Spring/Summer 2013...I saw this earlier today and thought it was amazing! What a great idea! Check it out:

Glow in the dark anyone??
After the meeting, my lovely roommate and I hit up Panera for some dinner...yes we were lazy today, but I have to say, I hadn't been since I had gotten back from Barcelona, so I decided it was okay;)
Asian Sesame Salad & Creamy Tomato Soup
And of course, I couldn't go home without dessert! Salted Caramel Pretzel with lots & lots of chocolate!
 Other than food and fashion, I had a marketing exam today. I felt good about it...don't want to jinx myself though. I have to get back to studying...exam week:P

Wish me luck!
Besitos, Lilly

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