Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let's Go Gamecocks!

Although I had work yesterday, I finished early enough to make it to our home football game!! First one for me this season:) Tailgating down south is crazy. People start so early, its literally an all day event. I met up with many of my wonderful friends and enjoyed a great game! And yes we won...49-6!
Go Cocks!

By the way, has anyone heard of "Gangnam Style" by the famous Korean, Psy???? Well he was recently on the Today show in NYC, and sang his famous, super-catchy song. If you havn't heard it, it's definitely a must! What 's so great about this song is that there are dance moves to go along with the chorus, and my roommate and I learned it and had a jam session at our tailgate! It was great! My friend took a video of us actually...we were just trying to have some fun!!!
Check it out here: Gangnam Style
Love my roomie!

With my friends:)
Today, I woke up and made delicious cupcakes for my friends birthday. I decided to make Raspeberry Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate icing. They came out perfect and I was quite satisfied...the only bad thing about baking cupcakes is that I always have to "try" everything...the batter...the icing...then there's the actual cupcake...I think I ate about six today:P
Mini Cupcakes Baking!
Using a paring knife, cut a 1-in. deep piece from the top and fill it with raspberry jam.
Replace the cutout piece
Frost the cupcakes
Top them off with raspberries!

I hope you liked my cupcakes! 
 Thanks for reading!
Besitos, Lilly

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