Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Surprise Party A Success

I've been waiting quite some time to be able tell you guys what I had been planning and now I can finally let it out! Since May, I've been planning my mom's surprise party for her 50th with my dad, siblings, and a couple of other people. It was a successful day full of happiness and lots and lots of emotions.
Family from Japan!
My dad brought some of my moms cousins and aunt all the way from Japan, which led to an even bigger surprise! We all arrived on Friday night and stayed at a hotel. The next morning, my dad took my mom and their two friends out golfing. While they golfed, we went to the house and started setting up.
Getting the "coffin" ready: we put all the gifts in here
Once I got the call from my dad, I made all the guests hide and as soon as she walked in, we popped out and yelled "surprise!". It was epic! She was shocked when she saw my aunt and cousins...we had them pop up one by one:) Lots of happy-crying involved;)
Family Pic:)
The entire day went smoothly and it was great. My cousins pushed my mom into the pool and then I got pushed in...wonderful.
Yes we are all wet!

The food was delicious. We had a wonderful friend Masa (owner of Waraji) be our sushi chef for the day and we had food catered from Prestonwood Country Club, as well as three servers/bartenders help us out. It was actually quite funny since my boss from this summer helped out...role reversal!
Yummy Food
It was a successful day full of happiness and love. My mom was definitely shocked and I'm glad it worked out. It will definitely be a day to forever remember. Happy Birthday Mama!

Besitos, Lilliana

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