Tuesday, October 23, 2012

La La Land

For fall break, I took a trip to LA, it was kind of last minute, but it definitely was worth all the connections I had! The main reason I went was to meet up with my mother's best friend's friend (haha sorry for the confusion), who works at E! entertainment news to talk about my future goals as well as career. After meeting him, I have a lot clearer view of what I would like to pursue in the near future. I was intrigued by all the people I met there and really hope to someday be a part of the E! News team.

So what else did I do in LA? Well I stayed with my cousins who live in Rolling Hills for two nights. They showed me around and took me to different places shopping and sightseeing:) I have actually been to LA twice, but I went at a young age that I didn't quite remember much.

The view from Rolling Hills
My cousins took me to two wonderful Japanese restaurants...one at my request was Yakiniku, aka Japanese BBQ. Not able to travel to Japan this summer made me even more eager to eat Yakiniku! It's my all time favorite and must-go-to restaurant whenever I go to Japan. I love how you can cook the meat right in front of you and order cow tongue...you might be saying to yourself "who is this girl", but trust me it is delicious!
My cousin Kotaro & I wearing our bibs at the Japanese BBQ restaurant.
Going to all the Japanese restaurants and meeting friends and family made me think I was actually in Japan for a hot sec. I had no idea how large the Japanese community was in LA. All I know is that if I do end up moving to LA, I will end up gaining so much weight from all the Japanese food:/

I ate so much food while I was there...I'm pretty sure I ate enough for me to survive without eating anything for the next five days haha. But I guess I did want to eat everything LA had to offer so it was a done deal.


I had a sweet Vanilla Creme Puff for dessert. I have realized that I have an insatiable appetite for food!
I also had soba & tempura the next night!

And of course, I had to go and try In-N-Out for myself.
Whoever thought of the Protein Burger was a genius!
Just wrapped in lettuce instead of an actual bun! 

As you can tell most of my pictures is of food (food fanatic), but there is 
a lot more to be told! Make sure to check out tomorrow's post
to hear about the rest of my trip!
Beistos, Lilliana

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