Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welome to Columbia Whole Foods!

I can officially announce that Columbia, SC has a Whole Foods Market. The grand opening was today, so my roommate and I went for packed that their were cops directing traffic. I've never felt so happy...well at least in Columbia haha. You guys are probably thinking why I'm so excited about a new grocery store, but if you came to cola, you'd understand.

I had myself a wonderful salad I made myself and I couldn't resist the bakery section so I snatched an Almond Croissant. The flakiest, sweetest croissant yet :)

More big news: Versace has finally launched their new online site. There are so many pieces great for fall/winter 2012. Definitely make sure to check it out! You can also make a personalized list, which I have already started on. Decide your style by choosing anything from a Red Carpet look to A Weekend Getaway. Have fun with it, there are so many wonderful pieces in the collection.

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