Thursday, November 15, 2012


Source: All photos from Pinterest & Tumblr
Hi Everyone! I have to say, this week is 
going by pretty fast! I mean come on...tomorrow's
FRIDAY! Yayay! A weekend to relax/catch up on load
of work :p Yes, that is how desperate I am for the weekend...
a college student trying to survive through a week!

Anyways, there hasn't been much going on, other
than tonight it my last GRE class! I am not a standardized 
test taker what-so-ever so I made myself take this class,
and I have to say, it has helped tremendously and I
recommend it to anyone who is looking into taking the
test. Right now in life...not planning on going to 
Grad school right after college, but it's always good
to go ahead and get that exam out of the way just in case!

Above are some cool, inspirational photos!
Happy Twilight Day! 
Besitos, Lilliana

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