Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Hey Guys! I haven't forgotten about you! Ever since I went home for Thanksgiving, I have been nonstop cooking, eating, shopping, decorating...you name it; sadly the entire week flew by and now I am back on campus getting ready for exams.

Thanksgiving week was an absolute blast...the Today show said that the average American gains about one pound during this holiday, but I tell ya, I am sure I gained about five! I was literally in the kitchen the entire time cooking and eating...not complaining. On Wednesday I had a chiropractic appointment; my back has been bothering me for the past couple of months so my mom also booked me a massage...my first one! Pretty crazy I know. I'm 21 and had never had a massage before...I think it's because I was always afraid I would start laughing since I am so ticklish. You'd think it would be nice and relaxing, but it ended up being quite a painful experience! My masseuse told me that I was so tight and knotted up in my upper back that she doesn't know how I was able to go on with my daily activities. Luckily she somewhat was able to loosen everything up:/
Family getting ready for the race!
On the morning of Thanksgiving, my entire family ran/walked/crawled the 8k Turkey Trot. It's the second year our entire family has participated and although it's a hassle for my dad to get us all out there, we always feel good afterwards cause it means we can eat as much as we want later! As soon as I got home, I began cooking and then we had all our relatives arrive around 3pm. We had a delicious feast....I love Thanksgiving, I think it my be my favorite holiday.

We always have two turkey's: my parents compete every year! (Roasted vs. Fried) I think this year my mom won! (Roasted)

I made quite a few dishes this thanksgiving including: a French Apple Tart by Barefoot Contessa. It was so good that I made three times! It's super easy and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys baking! I made a wonderful Herbed Potato Gratin with Roasted Garlic and Manchego from Food & Wine Magazine, Simple Herbed Green Beans Dish and Tiramisu.
Apple Tart in the oven
Homemade Tiramisu
Our dessert section!

My sister and my friend Carol made chocolate covered preztles with peppermint!

It was also my grandma's 87th birthday! We made her a Japanese roll cake, but made it in the shape of "87". She was definitely happy...a love of sweets!

What did you guys make this year?
Besitos, Lilliana

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