Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hairstyle of the Year "Ombre"

The ombre hairstyle started getting popular I would say last year, but it has turned into the new hair trend and will definitely continue on being a hit in the coming year. It's basically a dark to light fade color. Instead of color that starts at the root, darker roots blend into a lightened mid-shaft and end. I have been debating on doing it myself, and I think I might go for it. I need a change and I think this might just do it!

Courtesy to Pinterest & InStyle

Today was my last day of classes and guess what?!?
I was supposed to have my English exam on Monday, 
but my professor was like "alright everyone,
take out a piece of paper, we're going to take our final 
exam now,"...ummm take note this is like at the end of class.
My professor listed out all the novels and poems we read
in class and we had to answer five questions on bascially
which did we enjoy reading and which we didn't fancy.
What a great final exam and a great surprise! 
We still have a paper due on Monday, but lucky me
I have finished and am done! Hope everyone 
had a great day to! 
Besitos, Lilliana

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