Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I'm finally home and really glad to be :) I missed my dog a bunch haha and of course my familyyy. This is definitely my favorite time of the year; all the happiness and cheer of being with your loved ones. I can't forget about the baking!!

I've already baked round of my "French Apple Tart" that I made oh-so-many times over Thanksgiving break. My family and I went to my mom's best-friend's Christmas party last night...might be one of my favorite ones, because it's Korean, Filipino, Japanese, and a little bit of American food. It's becoming kind of an annual party, where we switch houses every year between the three families. Only three families and we literally cook for about five...happens every year.
Holiday Spirit!
Looks Delish!
My yummy plate of food...had to try everything...of course ;)

We also do "White Elephant," but since there are only three families, each familiy brings a "good" gift and a "funny" gift. One of the gifts was the game called "What's Yours Like?" First time I've ever played it, but a fun one, and with crazy Asians in the mother so-to-speak, it was definitely a great game to play. Someone picks a card like "favorite cake" and we pass it along so everyone can see except for the one guessing. The one on the "hot seat" asks the question "what's yours like" to each person while they describe the item in a word or two. The person in the "hot seat" has to guess the word(s). A good game to play with your family or give as a gift.

Now off to the mall to get some Christmas 
shopping done! My prayers are with everyone 
who lost their lives in the tragic massacre at Sandy 
Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn.
Besitos, Lilliana

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