Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

At the airport in Greensboro.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'm in Telluride, Colorado with family and friends...annual ski trip so it's been quite hard to find time to write! It's been quite a journey getting here since our flight got cancelled and my mom and I stayed up all night to find another flight. We had to drive to Greensboro at 3am and our flight was at 6am...we found out about our flight around 11pm soooo you could say it was a long night. Greensboro is about an hr and a half away so that was a fun trip. We finally got to Telluride, but of course three of our luggage did not make it. We got it the next morning luckily.

Other than the usual hassle getting to Telluride, once you get here, you are in absolute peace. It's definitely one of the best ski resorts, not crowded and very unique. My family and I have been coming here for about eight years now, and just as anyone who has been here, once you visit Telluride, you just keep coming back.
Our Penthouse has a 360 degree view....and this is what we saw on our first night! Beautiful Sunset!
As for the snow, there is a lot less of it this year than ever before. Most of the runs are not open, but likely we've been getting about six inches a day, so that's helping out.  Christmas Day was a blessing. The most white Christmas I could have ever asked for and it was just an absolute joy. Fresh powder, blue skies, with the sun shining...I couldn't have asked for more.
I have to say, I was proud of myself taking this picture! Christmas Day = Magical!
Sister and I on the slopes!
My Christmas Eve outfit! Wearing my new Mango sweater from my loving brother :)
 Skiing is amazing! As most of you know, there is a major winter storm in the US at the moment and today it was insane on the mountain. The wind was so strong at the top of the mountain that I literally got blown off! You didn't even have to push yourself because the wind would just push you along...I have to say, it was quite scary up there today! Luckily I made it down safely without falling ;)
Not sure if you can tell...but it was like snow tornadoes everywhere!
Took a hot chocolate break! Watching the storm push through.

Besitos Everyone!

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