Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snacks for Exam Week

Hey Guys! Exam week is going well...not that I have any exams really, but I've been keeping myself busy by going to the gym, getting things ready to leave, and of course some studying here and there. The good thing about studying is that I get to take study breaks haha how pathetic...but study breaks for me usually means magazines, chocolate and coffee:)
Chai Latte, Godiva Truffles and my mags: Elle UK & Tasty Desserts
I always bring a snack with me wherever I go and when exam week rolls up, it's always good to having something in your bag to keep your brain fueled. Here are a few of my favorite munchies:
It's Clementine season!!! I love the winter season because of this! It's a great and easy snack to bring along with you!
I'm a huge fan of Kashi bars, I usually go for the original, but there are so many different kinds that you can choose from!
Granola is also an easy snack to bring along; packed with fiber and protein!
Almonds or any kind of nuts are great to keep you fueled and energized.

My best friend Carol left back home to Brazil today so I made her some Cranberry Scones to take with her on her plane ride. Just like I said...I'd be baking this week!

Source: Pinterest, Kashi, Teen Vogue
See ya!
Besitos, Lilliana

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