Monday, January 14, 2013

70 More Class Days

Just like the title says...70 more school days til I'm a senior! Woop Woop! First day of class was tough! First off, it's January and it was 80 degrees today?!?!? Seriouslyyyy....I was dying on my walk to class and I had four. This semester I am taking 7 classes/21 hrs; just hope I survive.

Three of my professors were very young, looked practically like my age. Hopefully their looks aren't deceiving and will be easy on us. My last class of the day was Management, a large lecture class, about 370 students. I think every seat was taken, literally. I always try to choose easy or "well-rated" professors and well, this professor seemed to be the best out of all of them.

The man is crazy, weird/funny. For half the class he talked about Kim K &..."chunkie"...Khloe...I can't believe he said that!!! And then he went on comparing Kim to Kate Middleton saying one has a degree and is classy and so on. Now I know where he stands with the Kardashian's haha. Hopefully class will be like every time, cause that would be a great way to end the day;)

So is Jodie Foster retiring??? She definitely hinted at it during her coming out speech at the globes, but truth is, she will continue in the show business! I got teary-eyed during her speech. She is a spectacular actress and I'm eager to see what will come of her in the near future.

So I can't stop talking about the globes. It was really a magical night and I can't wait for the next award show!
Congrats to Olivia Wilde who is engaged & got an Olympic-sized ring from Jason Sudeikis!!

Besitos, Lilliana

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