Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I've been using Shiseido's Ibuki Cleaner and Moisturizer for about two months now and am in love!
I've been looking for something new and fresh for my skin. I used to have bad acne, but am now
past that stage. I still get flare ups here and there, however, since using this cleanser my face has been more vibrant than ever! This particular line defends against external stressors (pollution, UV rays, skipping meals, not sleeping enough) that threaten you're skins natural resistance.

Great for those of you in your 20s! Also it has a great floral scent that it makes me want to get up
and wash my face!...When does that ever happen. I highly recommend this line if you're looking to get your skin back into tip top shape! You can always start with the starter set!

Available at Sephora and other stores!

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