Sunday, December 8, 2013


To study and study and study. I always looks forward to the holiday season, the boots, the sweaters and the flavored coffee, but there is one downside: EXAMS! Oh to be a student. Exam starts tomorrow at USC-SC and I have literally been inside all day studying non-stop. I decided to take a break and talk to you guys. My life's not that exciting at the moment, but on the bright side, I have something to look forward to! Mexico, I'm coming for you in 2 weeks! Relaxation will be much needed after this dreadful week!

Hope everyone else is enjoying themselves this wonderful season. Cherish all the moments with your family and friends!

Don't forget! The voting session is still open and I could use all the support I can get! Type my name Lilliana or South Carolina and you'll see my face pop up :) VOTE HERE

Thanks again! Besitos!

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