About Me

I'm a Cubanese who has an addiction to music, loves to dance and cook. Cubanese...half Cuban, half Japanese and can speak both languages. I grew up in North Carolina...not such an exciting place, but what can I say. I love to travel though and absolutely love big cities!

I grew up dancing my whole life going to different schools including: The Kirov Academy, Ballet Met, and Carolina Ballet. I even went to college with the mindset of pursuing dance, however that changed quickly. I first changed my major to hospitality, knowing I wanted to go into the event industry, but then realized I needed more than that. I finally decided to pursue a degree in Public Relations with a minor in events, which has been great so far! I have always loved the entertainment and fashion industry, and hope to work in the event productions field in the near future. I am currently a junior at the University of South Carolina and really wish I only had one more year!

I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, Spring 2012;the best and most amazing experience I have ever had! Barcelona changed my entire world. The nightlife is incredible. I literally went out every single night and it made me even more interested in events and even nightlife. DJ(ing) has also become my newest passion, or hobby you could say. As I had said before, I have an addiction to music, but it never crossed my mind to DJ! I'm starting out slow and hope I will get better as time goes on.

My friend Nika & I
 I learned so much while abroad and hope to return next summer. Barcelona is definitely a city I would love to move to, but right now I have no idea where my life is headed. The worst part was coming back to the states! I am still not over Barcelona haha, but it's getting better as each day passes by. Life has a plan and I hope it leads me in the right direction!

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